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About Us

Kenzo Stable Equestrian

“Kenzo Equestrian Stable” is a horse stable located in Hurghada, and is considered a distinctive destination for horse and camel riding enthusiasts in the Red Sea region of Egypt. The stable offers fun and exciting experiences through the horse and camel trips it organizes.

In addition, Kenzo Equestrian Stable is home to a group of carefully trained horses and camels that provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, whether they are amateurs or professionals in the world of horse and camel riding.

“Kenzo Stable Equestrian” in Hurghada is a distinctive destination for horse and equestrian lovers, where visitors can enjoy a unique experience that combines luxury and active entertainment at the same time. This destination is distinguished by its picturesque natural surroundings and integrated services that ensure an enjoyable and safe riding experience for everyone.

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